But we had been planning this for weeks!

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As George turned the key in the ignition and the car roared into life, his wife Jennifer could barely contain her excitement about the day ahead. Truth be told, George was pretty ecstatic too. They had both been working really hard lately and they both desperately needed a break. They couldn’t wait to get to the vineyard for the picnic they had organised. They couldn’t wait to taste that first piece of cheese and have that first sip of their beloved Muscat Wine.  

They made their way down the freeway on the way to the vineyard, the sun shining down on them in what was a perfect spring day. An hour or so later they were pulling into the lengthy dirt driveway of the beautiful, sprawling vineyard.

The car bumped its way slowly along the rough terrain, both of them glancing intermittently at the scenery surrounding them. On one side were rolling hills, on the other a beautiful creek glistening in the sunlight.

George stopped the car just out the front of the reception area and the two of them hopped out of the car, breathing in the fresh country air. They entered the building and came across a man looking rather stressed.

“Good afternoon. We’re here for our picnic. Our names are George and Jennifer and we should have a reservation.”

“I’m afraid you must have the wrong day, sir,” he replied in a picnic. There’s only one picnic on today, and it’s definitely not yours.”

George and Jennifer looked at each other with disappointment and confusion. “But we have made a reservation. We have driven all the way here. We have food and supplies and bottles of Muscat Wine.”

Before he got too irate, George pulled out his phone to check his reservation. Indeed he had got it wrong, it was actually scheduled for tomorrow. He apologised profusely and asked if there was any way he and his wife could have their picnic today.

“We’re completely booked out today I’m afraid, sir. Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic.”